Chalchiuhkoatl Kardós


chalchiuhkoatl “chalchi” (they/them, elle) is a transqueer two-spirit nepantleru of maaya, german and danish descendance. they tend space at the in-between as a healer, traditional birthworker, parent and learner of el solar, le kool, y la huerta. they make home at minowakiing :: traditional homelands of hoocak, bodewadmi, mamaceqtaw, and black liberator lands, colonially known as “milwaukee, wisconsin” :: and ma’ya’ab :: maaya ancestral homelands at what is often referred to as the yucatán peninsula. they are visionary steward of we have always been related (whabr), a collective of beloved intergenerational two-spirit, queer, trans, nonbinary, and gender expansive BIPoC earthworKIN’ regenerating kinship webworks of healing and connection as we reclaim and embody our sacred traditional roles in our communities once again. this funding will support our collective to host a tri-lingual, multi-day cultural interchange and knowledge share on fermented microorganism biofertilizer, purchase a dehydrator and compensate one of our whabr members to support regularly on farm!
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