Cayley Eller


Cayley is a first-generation farmer whose background spans agricultural production and distribution, community engagement, policy advocacy, research, and program management. She currently manages a farmer and rancher grant program that serves the western region of the U.S. She has farmed in California, Alaska, and New Zealand and continues to farm cut flowers. She has many years of experience working with regional food policy councils and is passionate about addressing the intersections between food systems, agriculture, and climate change. Cayley holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sustainability Studies and Environmental Science and a Master’s degree in Food Systems and Society, where she focused her research on mitigating the exacerbation of social inequities for producers by climate change. Having grown up in Alaska, where there are many rural and Indigenous populations who are uniquely impacted by climate instability and food system disturbances, she hopes to promote resilience and sovereignty in our food systems and believes that supporting farmers is central to this mission.