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Alicia Thompson (she/her)


I identify as a Navajo woman – my maternal clan is Towering House. I am currently located near the base of the sacred Mount Taylor, in the Pueblo of Laguna in New Mexico. I completed my graduate education from Northern Arizona University, with my studies focused around Indigenous food ways and integrating that into Indigenous environmental management. I am grateful for my mentors in the Applied Indigenous Studies department, School of Forestry and those working directly in Indigenous communities to strengthen Indigenous food sovereignty and food security. I am a landless farmer with chickens, honeybees, and a native plants and foods nursery. I am currently building a food forest demonstration garden using Indigenous permaculture and traditional knowledge. I am also an Indigenous consultant who provides guidance on working with tribal partners, and guidance for tribes in native nation building strategies. For fun, I love to take naps, go on hikes, sit in the sun, chill with the chickens, watch reality tv, and eat locally grown foods!