Alexis Mena


Alexis Mena is a two-spirited multidisciplinary farmer, chef, and artist, born in Brooklyn, New York who identifies as Afro-Taino. For the past 8 years, Alexis has focused on facilitating programming and workshops with a focus on culturally-centered urban farming practices, nutritional culinary arts programming, and public art curricula with the Brooklyn Museum, the MoCADA, Groundswell, and a dozen other NPOs/Arts institutions in New York, Massachusetts, California, Japan, and Holland. In 2017, Alexis served as the Public Art Manager of Arts East New York, managing several successful projects, such as CivLabs, and curating the Arts ENY Gallery space. Alexis is also the Creative Director of Artrepreneurship, an art and design worker owned co-op. Alexis is the co-founder of Back to Black, a farming and wellness worker-owned cooperative. Until June 2020, they managed a hydroponic farm located inside of Brownsville Collaborative Middle School for Teens for Food Justice and Brownsville Multi Service Family Health Center. In 2019, Alexis launched the first aquaponic farm and food hub located in East New York based on principles of food sovereignty and green job creation, transforming two 5000 square foot buildings into a closed loop food hub that follows a hub-and-spoke model and growing over 400 pounds of food and fish monthly.