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Adam Igwe


Here at Water Rock Farming, we practice what we call hemp-based permaculture: this is regenerative, sustainable, and climate-smart farming practices of all types put together around our commodity hemp crop we grow. Basically, we use hemp to grow hemp. The biowaste from our hemp is resourcefully used as compost and other soil amendments to build the soil after every grow. We are also working on implementing food crops into our operation to help serve our community with healthy local produce. I bought our 5-acre property here in Southern Nevada in 2016 with a vision to grow something. Growing hemp was a calling for me when I discovered the difference between marijuana and hemp. I discovered its resourcefulness and unnecessary suppression by researching books such as “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” by Jack Herer that inspired me to do my part in bringing this plant back to American agriculture to help the small farmers thrive once again as our forefathers of this great nation envisioned and intended. When I learned we had a state hemp program through the Nevada Department of Agriculture, it was game on! I started out by helping local farmers who were also a part of the hemp program by helping them cultivate and process the plant for about four years. I then implemented what I learned into my own unique farm operation. Growing hemp also inspired me to grow other crops such as produce and raise livestock to help create a sustainable lifestyle for my family and local community. The funds from this grant will go towards helping to support and grow our farm’s vision and outreach to our community. We want to do things to help erase some of our community’s carbon footprint by composting local food waste from schools and businesses, as well as providing them with locally grown produce from our operation. We are also in dire need of a front loader tractor but cannot afford one. Fortunately, we do have an ATV and have been using cultivation attachments on it to work the ground. We found that there is a front loader attachment for ATVs that turns your quad into a superior workhorse. This attachment would assist us in much needed rock removal of our field and help us to turn and sift compost with ease. The cost for it is about $5k plus shipping. Getting this grant makes purchasing this much needed piece of equipment more affordable for us and makes this investment a reality.









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