Welcome to the Organizing Podcast Series where we hear from leaders who work at the intersection of racial equity and sustainable agriculture!

In this 5-episode podcast series, Young Farmers Grassroots Manager Faith Shaeffer interviews BIPOC farmer leaders about different stages in the process of making long lasting structural change for an equitable farming future. In each episode, we share the stories of Black, Indigenous, and other leaders of color in the farming community who have organized for change at the intersection of racial equity and sustainable agriculture.

Every episode also has personalized messages from members of Congress to our listeners, answering the question “Why is it important to your work in D.C. to hear from young farmers directly?” We then close each episode with an interview with members of the Young Farmers staff, speaking to a time when we witnessed the voices of Young Farmers making change, from D.C., to statehouses across the country, and how your stories are at the heart of our current Land Campaign for the 2023 Farm Bill.

We hope these stories inspire you to take action at the intersection of sustainable agriculture and racial justice in your own communities. Each episode comes with an accompanying resource (coming soon!) to help you think through some guiding questions and activities as you make plans for your campaigns for change.

All episodes in English were edited by Hannah Beal.