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Seventy-five percent of young farmers do not come from a farming background. This can make it challenging to connect with land access opportunities, which often don’t come on the formal real estate market. Young Farmers has compiled a list of organizations around the country that work to help facilitate connections between landowners and land seekers.



Reparations Map for Black, Indigenous, and Farmers of Color: Lists projects and resource needs of Black, Latinx, Indigenous, Asian, and/or People of Color to facilitate reparations of land and resources.

International Farm Transition Network: A list of member organizations engaged in farm transition work in the U.S. and abroad.

American Farmland Trust’s list of farm link programs: a national, searchable list of land linking organizations.

USDA Rural Development & Farm Service Agency properties for sale


The Land Connection Classifieds: The Land Connection’s classified section lists farmland opportunities throughout the Midwest. 

Renewing the Countryside: RTC navigators provide individualized assistance to farmers seeking land tenure in Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

Marbleseed Land Link Up: Marbleseed, formerly the Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service, has a free online service in an effort to connect those looking for farmland with those looking to rent or sell.

LSP Seeking Farmers – Seeking Land Clearinghouse: An online listing, run by the Land Stewardship Project, for those seeking to rent or purchase land, and vice versa, in the Upper Midwest.

Northwest Arkansas FARMLINK (AR): NWA FARMLINK is open to all farm seekers from anywhere and farmland owners with property in Benton, Carroll, Madison and Washington Counties.

Iowa State University Ag Link (IA): An Iowa-based service for connecting beginning farmers to retiring farmers. Not just a list of locations, but provides services throughout the process. There is a fee for non-residents.

Practical Farmers of Iowa Find a Farmer (IA): A free service that maps out existing land opportunities and allows beginning farmers to post their land needs. 

Sustainable Iowa Land Trust (IA): The Sustainable Iowa Land Trust offers a place for farmers seeking land to add their name to a list to be notified about available properties.

Illinois Farmland Access Initiative (IL): A collaboration between The Land Connection, The Conservation Fund, and Liberty Prairie Foundation that includes a coordinated network of technical resources and service providers, Farmland Access Navigators providing one-on-one assistance, trainings, succession support, and the Illinois FarmLink site.

Illinois FarmLink (IL): Find farmland, farmers seeking land, and resource and event listings in Illinois.

MiFarmLink Project (MI): Search for land across Michigan and access resources.

Minnesota FarmLink (MN): A searchable tool to connect prospective farmers with retiring farmers. Farmers may post properties for sale or rent, on-farm opportunities, or even a profile of their farming experience.

Countryside Initiative (OH): A program of Countryside Conservancy and Cuyahoga Valley National Park (CVNP) where farmers are awarded long-term leases in the park.

Heartland FarmLink (OH): Search for farmland opportunities or farmers seeking land access in or near Ohio. A program of the Ohio Ecological Food and Farming Association (OEFFA).

Routes to Farm Grazing Broker (WI): The Grazing Broker is a project of Angelic Organics that connects landowners with livestock producers in 21 townships in southwest Wisconsin (Dane, Iowa, Lafayette, and Green Counties).

Wisconsin Farm Center (WI): A program of the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, the Farm Center offers a Land Link program and other resources for beginning farmers.


Land For Good Field Agents: Individuals in New England states who can help farmers navigate land access and transition. Land For Good also has numerous resources related to farm linking, including a New England Farm Link Program Guide that compares services offered by New England land linking sites.

New England Farmland Finder: A free database for farmland seekers and property holders managed by a consortium of New England farm service providers and non-profits. 

New England Land Link: Run by the New England Small Farm Institute, NELL is a web-based listing of farm properties in New England and New York. 

Connecticut Farmlink (CT): A free website listing for registered farm owners and registered farm seekers in Connecticut, managed by the CT Department of Agriculture.

Maine FarmLink (ME): A program of Maine Farmland Trust that helps connect people who are seeking farmland, with farmland owners who are looking to sell, lease or work out non-traditional tenure arrangements, based on their respective interests, needs and goals.

New Jersey Land Link (NJ): Designed to help farmers and landowners connect through a database of farmland available, farming opportunities sought, and land characteristics and production goals.

New York Farmland Finder (NY): Helps farmers seeking land and landowners wanting to keep their land farming throughout New York State. The land linking map is supported by a statewide network of land access navigator organizations.

Pennsylvania Farm Link (PA): A land linking database which matches landowners with prospective entering farmers in Pennsylvania.

Rhode Island Farmland Access Program (RI): This program provides farmland for sale that has been purchased and protected by the State of Rhode Island.

Vermont Land Link (VT): A free, state-wide land listing portal for Vermont landowners and farmland seekers.

Vermont Farmland Access Program (VT): A land link program from the Vermont Land Trust that works to connect aspiring farmers with landowners in the state.


Maryland FarmLINK (MD): A program to help buyers and sellers of farmland. FarmLINK also connects novice farmers with mentors, offers workshops, and distributes useful information.

Land Link Montgomery (MD): Montgomery County Land Link seeks to link beginner and experienced farmers with available land and farms within Montgomery County, Maryland.

Georgia FarmLink (GA): GA FarmLink is a web tool co-developed by Athens Land Trust and statewide partners. It is collaboratively managed and supported by a network of partners across the state.

NC FarmLink (NC): NC FarmLink is a program of NC State Extension that connects farmers, landowners and service providers across North Carolina. Also offers transitional services and educational programs.

South Carolina Farm Link (SC): SC Farm Link is a statewide farmland transition program administered by the SC Department of Agriculture.

Tennessee Farm Link (TN): Connects farmers who are seeking land to buy, lease, or manage, with landowners who are seeking to transfer land via lease, sale, or other arrangements.

Farmshare Land Link (TX): Farmshare Land Link aims to match farmers to farmland in Central Texas, evaluate if a piece of property is appropriate for agriculture, and provide technical assistance to transition a farmer onto a new piece of property

Virginia Farm Link (VA): A platform for connecting retiring farmers to beginning farmers in Virginia.


Alaska FarmLink (AL): Alaska FarmLink helps connect the next generation of farmers to landowners with available farmland to sell or lease in Alaska.

California FarmLink (CA): CA FarmLink links independent farmers and ranchers with the land and financing they need for a sustainable future. FarmLink helps farmers to build strong business skills, access fair financing, and establish secure land tenure.

Colorado Land Link (CO): Colorado Land Link, a program of Guidestone Colorado, serves as a catalyst for convening conversations and resource development around the issues of land access and farm succession in Colorado.

Idaho Farm Link (ID): Connects landowners and land seekers across Idaho with a searchable map.

Farm Link Montana (MT): Connects Montana’s beginning farmers and ranchers with the tools they need to succeed, including land, jobs and internships, and mentors.

Oregon Farm Link (OR): Connects beginning farmers and ranchers with land holders to help Oregon grow the next generation of family farmers. Also lists job opportunities and other resources.

Farm to Farmer (WA): A project of Washington Farmland Trust, Farm to Farmer helps ensure that working farms remain in agricultural production and helps facilitate the successful transition of farmland to the next generation.

Thurston Conservation District’s South Sound FarmLink (WA): Works to keep farmland in production in the South Sound, WA region for generations to come in such a way that is affordable and accessible to all interested farmers.


The Reparations Map for Black, Indigenous, and Farmers of Color lists projects and resource needs of Black, Latinx, Indigenous, Asian, and/or People of Color to facilitate reparations of land and resources.

The International Farm Transition Network maintains a list of member organizations engaged in this work in the U.S. and abroad.

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