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Food Safety Focus Group: Worker Training w/ Jenny Jack Farm

Jenny Jackson from Jenny Jack Farm in Georgia shares about their processes for training workers and apprentices. Join us for a farmer-led discussion about sanitization practices, worker training, and managing volunteers.   Focus Group Recording   Focus Group Transcript    

Produce Safety Case Study: Prairie Drifter Farm

We talked to Joan Olson of Prairie Drifter Farm in Litchfield, MN about how she and her husband Nick have improved produce safety practices on their farm, including their approach to training employees.  She dives into their worker training process for seasonal employees and workshare CSA members as well as the improvements and policies they […]

Worker Training Checklist

This checklist from the Missouri Department of Agriculture helps farmers identify key training requirements of the Produce Safety Rule for their worker training programs.   Worker Training Checklist  

Sample Worker Training Log

Cornell developed this sample worker training log to help farmers document the parts of their employee training program that are required by the Produce Safety Rule.   Sample Worker Training Log  

Toilet Paper Disposal Poster

This Spanish-English bilingual poster can be purchased from Cornell to help farmers explain to their workers that they need to put soiled toilet paper in the toilet, not in the garbage can.   Toilet Paper Disposal Poster  

Worker Training Video

Cornell created this worker training video for on-farm use with employees.   Cornell Worker Training Video