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Volunteers, Visitors and Food Safety

Do you have volunteers or visitors on your farm? This tipsheet provides ideas for promoting food safety with everyone who comes onto your farm, including language to help you draft visitor and volunteer policies.   Volunteers + Food Safety

Produce Safety Case Study: Love is Love Farm

We talked to Demetrius Milling of Love is Love Farm just outside of Atlanta, GA about the joys and challenges of farming within a close-knit community. He shared with us how they approach maintaining a safe product while actively involving the community on the farm.

Visitor Signs and Policies

The Produce Safety Rule requires covered farms to communicate with visitors about their food safety policies and procedures, take steps to make sure that visitors follow farm rules, and give them access to a toilet and a place to wash their hands. A few examples of what this could look like are below. They can […]

Sample Visitor Log

This sample visitor log from Cornell helps farmers keep track of who is coming to the farm, why, and how much time they are spending on-farm.   Sample Visitor Log

Sample Handwashing SOP

The Produce Safety Rule outlines specific handwashing steps that Cornell captured in this SOP. Use it to explain to employees and visitors how to properly wash their hands.   Sample Handwashing SOP

Produce Safety Best Practices for Farm Stands and U-Pick Operations

This guide from the North Central Region for FSMA Training, Extension, and Technical Assistance gives some pointers for farms that have lots of visitors, including liability signage, and how to talk to visitors about handwashing, pets, parking, and not visiting while sick.   Produce Safety Best Practices for Farm Stands and U-Pick Operations     […]









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