Irrigation System Inspection

Farms subject to the Produce Safety Rule are required to do an inspection of their agricultural water system at least once annually. This video from Michigan State University Extension explains how to do an inspection.   Irrigation System Inspection Video 

Water Testing Labs

Below are links to water testing labs in various states that perform the water tests approved by the FDA to meet the requirements of the Produce Safety Rule. This list will be updated as more maps and directories become available.

Wellhead Maintenance and Protection

These resources from Penn State Extension and University of Georgia (UGA) Extension offer guidelines for protecting your wellhead.   Wellhead Protection_PSU   Protecting Your Wellhead_UGA      

Disinfecting Your Well via Shock Chlorination

These resources from the Pensylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and the University of Georgia (UGA) Extension offer guidelines and procedural steps for disinfecting a well (ground water), a process called shock chlorination.   Disinfection of Home Wells and Springs_DEP

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