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Food Safety Subject Matter Expert Interview: Cleaning & Sanitizing with Dr. Ruth Petran formerly with Ecolab

Dr. Ruth Petran formerly with Ecolab joins us for a subject matter expert interview, sharing her knowledge on sanitation practices and best practices. Although we discussed cleaning, disinfection, and sanitizing during the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Petran shares tips that should be used year round.   Interview Recording   More Resources: FDA’s Oral Culture Learner Project […]

February 18, 2021

Food Safety Subject Matter Expert Interview: Group GAP Certification with Farmer Roberto Meza from Emerald Gardens in CO

Roberto Meza from Emerald Gardens Microgreens in Colorado joins us for two interviews discussing his Group GAP certification process. In interview 1, Roberto tells us about his pre-audit preparations. In interview 2, Roberto shares his experience and reflections throughout the audit process.   Interview 1 Recording   Interview 2 Recording  

Food Safety Subject Matter Expert Interview: Hygienic/Sanitary Design with Chris Callahan and Andy Chamberlain from UVM Extension

Andy Chamberlain and Chris Callahan from University of Vermont’s Ag Engineering department join us for a conversation around hygienic design for all size farm operations.   Interview Recording  

Forced-Air Cooling

In this publication, NC State Extension offers information on forced-air cooling and considerations for how to do it efficiently.   Forced-Air Cooling Publication  

December 20, 2019

Forced-Air Cooling Systems

This factsheet from Ontario’s Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs offers information on various forced-air cooling systems, their components, and cost-benefit considerations.   Forced-Air Cooling Systems Factsheet

FSMA Produce Safety Rule Water Testing Methods and Requirements

The Produce Safety Alliance created this tipsheet to outline the agricultural water quality monitoring requirements in the Produce Safety Rule. It includes the acceptable water testing methods, both quantitative and qualitative. As a grower, it is important to know that different water analysis methods are appropriate for different uses of agricultural water.   FSMA Produce […]

Infotoons about Scientific Food Safety Concepts

These Infotoons from the University of Maine Extension help explain food safety scientific concepts. They may be something you want to include in your worker training (even if you’re the only worker on your farm!). Bacterial Evolution Exponential Growth Infection and Intoxication Cross-contamination Biofilms Irrigation Water Safety  

December 31, 2020

Irrigation System Inspection

Farms subject to the Produce Safety Rule are required to do an inspection of their agricultural water system at least once annually. This video from Michigan State University Extension explains how to do an inspection.   Irrigation System Inspection Video    Mapping your water system is a helpful step to take before doing the inspection. […]

December 20, 2019

Land Risk Assessment Sample SOP

This SOP from Cornell Cooperative Extension can be used with the Land Risk Assessment Log Template to document and understand risks on your farm land.   Sample Land Risk Assessment SOP

February 17, 2021

Lean and Clean Workshop Recording and Resources

This workshop explored the framework of lean farming and how it can be applied to organize our farms while integrating produce safety and creating systems that work for us. We discussed the lean tools of 5S, spaghetti diagrams, and poka yoke, or mistake-proofing, and where these tools can help farmers prevent contamination of produce and […]

March 10, 2021

Managing Wildlife and Domesticated Animal Intrusion and Contamination Sample SOP

Cornell created this sample SOP to help farmers manage wildlife and domestic animal intrusion in their growing areas. Feel free to adapt to your operation.   Managing Wildlife and Domestic Animal Intrusion and Contamination Sample SOP

October 16, 2019

Mapping Your Farm

Mapping your farm can be a great way to visualize where risks exist. A map can be drawn by hand, on the computer, or pulled from Google Maps. It can be zoomed out of the entire property or zoomed in to a specific area of your farm, like your packhouse or wash station. Consider: current […]

December 16, 2019

Microbial Water Quality and Aquaponics

This guide from the  University of Hawai’i-Mānoa dives into the risk posed by water and animal feces to an aquaponic produce farm compared to soil-based vegetable production and examines the quality of water in an aquaponics system.   Microbial Water Quality and Aquaponics  

October 8, 2019

Model Recall Plan

This template was created by the University of Maryland’s Agriculture Law Education Initiative to help farmers think through what they would do in the event of a produce recall. Farmers can plug in their information directly and check out the additional templates, logs, checklists, and questionnaires for different aspects of a recall and traceability.   […]

September 9, 2019

Modified Secchi Disk

Most secchi disks available for purchase are used for determining the turbidity of bodies of water. Below are pictorial instructions from the Center for Produce Safety and UC Davis for creating a modified secchi disk that would serve a farmer’s needs.  

December 16, 2019

Monitoring Logs for Wildlife and Domestic Animal Intrusion During Production Season

These templates come from the Missouri Department of Agriculture and Cornell University, respectively, to help growers monitor animal activity in their production areas during the growing season. They can be edited as growers see fit.   Wildlife and Domestic Animal Monitoring Log_MO Dept of Ag   Animal Monitoring Log_Cornell    

December 20, 2019

NSAC FSMA Flowchart: Produce Rule & Preventive Controls

This flowchart from the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition (NSAC) will help farmers understand if they are covered by the Preventive Controls Rule and/or the Produce Safety Rule.   NSAC Flowchart Preventive Controls & PSR  

September 9, 2019

On-Farm Illness and Injury Reporting Sample Log

This log from Cornell University can be used to log any reported illness and injury that occurs on the farm.   Sample Illness/Injury Reporting Log

February 10, 2021

On-Farm Illness and Injury Sample SOP

This sample SOP developed by Cornell outlines what to do if someone on-farm becomes ill or gets injured. Feel free to edit to suit your farm’s needs.   On-Farm Illness & Injury Sample SOP

October 16, 2019

Portable Handwashing Stations

Hand washing is one of the most important food safety practices, and it is no surprise that the Produce Safety Rule creates certain requirements for how and when workers must wash their hands. Below are many different models of portable handwashing stations that could work for various farm operations, depending on size and scale. These […]

December 20, 2019

Post-Harvest Water Monitoring Sample Log

Cornell developed this sample post-harvest water monitoring log to help monitor temperature, pH, and overall water quality.   Sample Post-harvest Water Monitoring Log    

February 11, 2021

Pre-Harvest Risk Analysis Template

Penn State Extension developed this template for doing a pre-harvest assessment.   Pre-Harvest Risk Analysis      

December 20, 2019

Pre-Plant Risk Assessment Sample SOP

Cornell created this sample SOP to help farmers assess the risk of wildlife and domesticated animals in or near areas where produce is growing.   Pre-Plant Risk Assessment Sample SOP  

October 16, 2019

Pre-Planting Assessment Documentation Sample Template

This template from Kansas State Extension helps document pre-planting information such as wildlife activity, water sources, and previous soil contamination events.   Pre-Planting Assessment Documentation Template

February 17, 2021

Produce Safety Alliance’s Required Records Tipsheet & Templates

The Produce Safety Alliance created this tipsheet that includes templates of records that farmers need to keep to be in compliance with the Produce Safety Rule, including the Annual Review template for Qualified Exempt farms. These templates are available as a PDF and a Word document.   PSA Records Required by FSMA PSR PDF   […]

October 17, 2019

Produce Safety Case Study: Love is Love Farm

We talked to Demetrius Milling of Love is Love Farm just outside of Atlanta, GA about the joys and challenges of farming within a close-knit community. He shared with us how they approach maintaining a safe product while actively involving the community on the farm.

January 28, 2020

Produce Safety Case Study: Mountain Roots Produce

We talked to Mike Nolan of Mountain Roots Produce in Mancos, CO about their (relatively) new packhouse. He shared with us the building logistics and all the considerations that went into the design.

Produce Safety Case Study: Prairie Drifter Farm

We talked to Joan Olson of Prairie Drifter Farm in Litchfield, MN about how she and her husband Nick have improved produce safety practices on their farm, including their approach to training employees.  She dives into their worker training process for seasonal employees and workshare CSA members as well as the improvements and policies they […]

Produce Safety Case Study: Topp Fruit, LLC

We talked to Harrison Topp of Topp Fruit, LLC in Paonia, CO on the Western Slope about writing a farm food safety plan and keeping records along with how he and his partner Stacia incorporated rotational grazing into their operation.  He shared with us the challenges of recordkeeping, especially in order to pass a GAP […]

Produce Safety Focus Group: Produce Safety for Hydroponic & Aquaponic Operations w/ Sarah Ann Horton

Sarah Ann Horton from Square Roots in New York shares produce safety knowledge for hydroponic and aquaponic operations. Join us to learn not only about practices, but also how to train staff about produce safety.   Focus Group Recording   Focus Group Transcript   Resources: Square Roots The Lean Farm by Ben Hartman

February 3, 2021

Rainwater Harvesting and Food Safety

This tipsheet breaks down considerations for mitigating food safety risks when harvesting and using rainwater on fresh produce.   Rainwater Catchment Tipsheet

April 30, 2021

Resources translated into Spanish language

  Guía Práctica del Pequeño Agricultor   Proyectos de Agricultura Colectiva y la Inocuidad Alimentaria   Captación de Agua de Lluvia y la Inocuidad Alimentaria   Los Voluntarios y la Inocuidad Alimentaria   Guía práctica del pequeño agricultor para crear un Plan de Inocuidad Alimentaria para su Granja

October 18, 2021

Restroom Monitoring and Cleaning Sample Log

This log from Cornell helps document the cleaning and monitoring of restrooms used by farm staff.   Sample Restroom Log  

February 10, 2021

Risks Posed by Cats on Produce Farms

This tipsheet from Michigan State University Extension outlines the risks posed by cats on produce farms, whether they are working animals or feral.   Cat Risks on Produce Farms

December 31, 2020

Rock Steady Hygiene and Sanitation Practices

This document is the hygiene and sanitation practices outlined by Rock Steady Farm & Flowers for their 2020 season.   Rock Steady Hygiene & Sanitation Practices

March 22, 2021

Sample Documentation Forms for Organic Crop Producers

The National Organics Program created this packet of templates and logs for organic crop producers. Adopt them for your operation!   NOP Crop Documentation Forms

February 17, 2021

Sample Handwashing SOP

The Produce Safety Rule outlines specific handwashing steps that Cornell captured in this SOP. Use it to explain to employees and visitors how to properly wash their hands.   Sample Handwashing SOP

October 16, 2019

Sample SOP for Cleaning Bathroom

This sample SOP outlines daily, weekly, and monthly tasks for cleaning a bathroom and can be adapted to any farm operation.   SOP Cleaning Bathroom

December 20, 2019

Sample SOP for Cleaning Handwashing Sink

This sample SOP for when and how to clean a handwashing sink can be adapted to fit any operation.   Cleaning Handwashing Sink SOP

Sample Visitor Log

This sample visitor log from Cornell helps farmers keep track of who is coming to the farm, why, and how much time they are spending on-farm.   Sample Visitor Log

October 16, 2019

Sample Worker Training Log

Cornell developed this sample worker training log to help farmers document the parts of their employee training program that are required by the Produce Safety Rule.   Sample Worker Training Log  

Soil Amendment Application Sample Log

This sample log documents and tracks the application of soil amendments. This log can be applied to specific fields/growing areas or farm land as a whole.   Sample Soil Amendment Application Log

February 17, 2021

Template Letter of Conformance for Compost Companies

This is a template letter of conformance for compost companies to ensure their product meets the definition of a treated biological soil amendment of animal origin (BSAAO) in the Produce Safety Rule. If your compost company does not already offer a similar letter, you can ask them to fill this out to ensure they are […]

December 31, 2020

Tipsheet for Selecting a Sanitizer

This tipsheet from the Produce Safety Alliance will help growers decide whether or not to use a sanitizer and, if choosing to use one, how to choose an adequate sanitizer for their operation.   Selecting a Sanitizer Tipsheet    

December 19, 2019

Tipsheet on Infiltration

Infiltration occurs when warm produce is placed into cool water and the water is pulled into the produce. This tipsheet from UMass Extension offers more information on the process and practices for reducing the risk of infiltration.   UMass Tipsheet on Infiltration  

December 20, 2019

Toilet Paper Disposal Poster

This Spanish-English bilingual poster can be purchased from Cornell to help farmers explain to their workers that they need to put soiled toilet paper in the toilet, not in the garbage can.   Toilet Paper Disposal Poster  

September 9, 2019

Transportation Tracking Sample Log

This log helps keep track of produce transportation, vehicle and driver information, and drop off locations.   Sample Transportation Log

February 11, 2021

Produce Safety Best Practices for Farm Stands and U-Pick Operations

This guide from the North Central Region for FSMA Training, Extension, and Technical Assistance gives some pointers for farms that have lots of visitors, including liability signage, and how to talk to visitors about handwashing, pets, parking, and not visiting while sick.   Produce Safety Best Practices for Farm Stands and U-Pick Operations     […]

September 12, 2019

Vegetable Wash Sinks, Tanks, and Basins

This guide from the University of Vermont Extension provides information on various options for vegetable wash sinks, tanks, and basins and upgrades that can be made for efficiency and ergonomics.   Vegetable Wash Sinks, Tanks, & Basins

December 31, 2020

Video to Use Quickbooks to Generate Qualified Exempt Annual Review

This is a video aimed at Qualified Exempt farmers who use Quickbooks to manage their income (and expenses, of course, but we’re just talking about income here). Qualified Exempt farmers need to fill out paperwork each year to prove that they’re exempt, which needs to show their income from food and how much of that […]

January 29, 2020

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