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Why food safety?

The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) is federal legislation that impacts all produce farms. NYFC mobilized our farmer base to advocate for changing the rules in FSMA and many of those rules were changed based on the feedback of farmers around the country. Since the rule has been set, we have been working with a group of agricultural organizations, the Local Food Safety Collaborate, to educate farmers on the new rules. Many smaller farmers, including a majority of our members, will be qualified exempt from this rule, based on sales amounts and marketing strategies. NYFC strives to ensure that all young farmer understand the rule, where their farm falls within exemptions, and how to improve food safety on their farms. We believe that all business owners benefit from knowings the basics of produce safety. As your farm grows and your business thrives, you may find yourself needing to be in full compliance, so we hope to help farmers learn early and develop strong food safety systems so that the regulations don’t come as a surprise.

How can farmers learn more?

NYFC conducts workshops and trainings on food safety, from full-day Produce Safety Alliance curriculum trainings, to shorter workshops with chapters or partner organizations. We are drafting a guidebook to provide resources on how to comply with the FSMA rules.

How can farmers help spread food safety knowledge?

We are always looking for pictures of the food safety techniques and solutions you use. We know that you aren’t likely to share pictures of the drain lines on your washing sinks on instagram, but if you’re doing something innovative want to see it!

Have a story, picture, or question about food safety? Contact Cara Fraver.









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