The Business of Farm to School

Demystifying Farm to School: Exploring Ways for New Farmers to Dig In! 

National Young Farmers Coalition and USDA’s Office of Community Food Systems will co-host an online training to help farmers and ranchers sell their products to local schools for use in school meal programs.

This two-part webinar series will describe how new and beginning farmers can get involved in farm to school programs in their communities. After participating in these webinars you will have the skills and knowledge to start selling to schools and build relationships that can help grow the next generation of customers and future farmers, while strengthening community connections.

(Part 2 of 2) See part 1 here.

The Business of Farm to School – March 15, 5pm EST

This webinar will cover the procurement (purchasing) rules that schools follow, describe questions and talking points to discuss when selling to and building relationships with schools, identify which products schools are looking for, and highlight the different Child Nutrition Programs (CNP’s) that provide these opportunities- hint- it’s not just school lunch!


This is a webinar/video call on RingCentral meetings. You’ll need to download RingCentral Meetings be able to attend. It’s free! We’ll ask you to mute youself and turn off your video (so we aren’t distracted by your cute faces). We’ll share our screens so that you can see all of the great info. This will be best as a web based session, but if you can only call in, contact and I’ll get you a phone number.

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