The Mohawk Valley Young Farmers Coalition Chapter is brand new and welcoming Anyone and Everyone to join us for farm visits, garden tours, discussion groups, potluck meals, workshops.  Bring your ideas, and/or come to listen.

You need not be a “farmer”, but anyone interested in local farms and food.  Even though the name of the group has “young” in title, we are not exclusive of any ages.  We do, however, want to prioritize the voices of beginner farmers and anyone newly interested in growing food.  We also aim to prioritize the voices and needs of African-Americans and other marginalized racial groups.  Noticing how white culture dominates the farming and local foods scene is key to making a healthful food economy where all people are equally involved.

Our initial focus is empowering more people to grow food.  We aim to cooperate with one another to help everyone succeed in order to strengthen the greater Mohawk Valley’s local food-growing economy.  This means networking, resource-sharing and education in order to increase the number of farms and gardens and increase the amount of local food that we all eat.  At our core we are dedicated to mutual aid.

Come join the fun!

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