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Louisiana is a diverse state. Our lands were built over time from sediment from the Mississippi River forming vast deltas, areas of coastal marsh and swamp, and prairies. The people of Louisiana are equally diverse. We speak English, French, and Spanish and identify with cultures from Creole to Cajun and Native American, African and Caribbean. Today, Louisiana has over 8 million acres of farmland in agricultural commodities, and our fisher people produce 25 percent of the nation’s seafood.

Among all of this, we, the Louisiana Young Farmers Coalition, exist to create community and support for our small but strong group of young, sustainable farmers. We believe the way we grow is important. We focus on clean, sustainably grown food in a state whose economy depends on chemical and petroleum production. And our young farmers are diverse as well. We represent vegetable growers, flower farmers, permaculture gardeners, homesteaders, compost turners and livestock herders. We are farmers who work hard in a state that likes to have a lot of fun. Celebrations of life and culture are as important as business. We gather to share experiences of farming in the hot and humid south and to celebrate our growing place in this diverse state.

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