CA | North Central Coast Young Farmers Coalition

This region includes chapter members as far north as Bolinas and as far south as Aromas. With overlapping markets, watersheds, and other shared resources, beginning farmers and food system advocates in the area have created an NYFC Chapter to organize around common goals. Our goals, so far, include:
  • Re-connecting with community and staying in-touch with other growers in the area
  • Redistribution of wealth and land
  • Systems change through organizing and participating
  • Increased land access for young farmers
  • Sharing skills and resources
  • Land reform through policy work
  • Establishing a land trust
  • BIPOC Representation and BIPOC networks that redistribute wealth, create food hubs, etc.
  • Building collective power
  • Shaping the local food culture to elevate/support a more vibrant food system

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