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The Chapter is still in its development phase. Currently, we’re working with leadership to develop an engagement plan that will support the local chapter goals and needs. The goals for this chapter, also known as a farmer solidarity network in California, includes: 

  • Re-connecting with community and staying in-touch with other growers in the area
  • Redistribution of wealth and land
  • Systems change through organizing and participating
  • Increased land access for young farmers
  • Sharing skills and resources
  • Land reform through policy work
  • Establishing a land trust
  • BIPOC Representation and BIPOC networks that redistribute wealth, create food hubs, etc.
  • Building collective power
  • Shaping the local food culture to elevate/support a more vibrant food system

NC3’s Leadership Team: 

Vero (she/her) 

Verónica Mazariegos-Anastassiou is one of three farmer/operators at Brisa Ranch, a 12-acre diversified fruit and vegetable operation, in Pescadero, CA. She has been involved in agriculture in multiple facets, from working with rice farmers as a Peace Corps volunteer in Togo, to apprenticing and later managing operations and sales at Pie Ranch, and earning a Master’s degree in Applied Economics and Management focusing on Food & Agriculture from Cornell University. Vero is a member of the Farmer Governance Committee of the California Farmer Justice Collaborative (CFJC), a Steering Council member of the California Food and Farming Network (CFFN), and a member of the Board of Directors at Fresh Approach. You can contact Vero at

Scott (him/he) 

Scott Chang-Fleeman is the farmer and owner of Shao Shan Farm, a 5-acre certified organic vegetable farm that specializes in Asian heritage varieties, storage crops, and heirloom vegetable seeds. Scott is one of the farmer collaborators of Second Generation Seeds, a farmer and community led seed sovereignty project that seeks to preserve biodiversity and cultural foodways in a changing climate and political environment. Scott studied sustainable agriculture at UC Santa Cruz through their environmental studies degree program and residential apprenticeship at the UC Santa Cruz Center for Agroecology. You can contact Scott at

David (him/he) 

David Antonio Robles is a farmer, activist, and artist who loves to use his skills to cultivate community and resilience among youth. As the grandchild of migrant farmworkers, David’s farming roots run deep. He recognizes the power that food has to connect the individual to their culture, their community, and their environment and works to guide young people through that process. He attended UCSC where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in History with a concentration on Social Movements in the Americas. During his time as an undergrad, David started working for the Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems (CASFS) where he began to understand the responsibilities of land stewardship and its connection with the health and resilience of his community. David now serves as the Farm Manager for FoodWhat?! a non profit based in Santa Cruz County that uses food and farming as a vehicle for youth empowerment.  You can contact David at

Cole (him/he) 

Cole Mazariegos-Anastassiou is one of the three farmers-owners-operators of Brisa Ranch, a diversified organic farm in Pescadero, California that grows nearly 50 different crops. Cole grew up interested in farming (coming from flower farming on his father’s side and corn/soy farming on his mother’s side), studied agriculture at UC Davis, and later worked at Pie Ranch and Green Oaks Creek. He jointly started Brisa Ranch with his wife and friend in 2018. You can contact Cole at

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