Laws, Policy and Programs

Here is a working glossary of definitions, policies and regulations that are pertinent to immigration and labor issues.   Immigration  Asylum Seeker/Asylee An individual who comes to the United States seeking protection due to persecution or fear of persecution in

Federal programs are failing to reach and support the next generation of farmers and ranchers. Young farmers are unfamiliar with federal programs, overwhelmed with the cumbersome application processes, lack the land tenure required to make use of conservation programs, and/or

Challenging capitalism is one of the National Young Farmers Coalition’s Guiding Principles. Capitalism favors profit and wealth accumulation over community needs and the social good, perpetuating consolidation, wealth inequality, and labor exploitation in food and agriculture. Despite contributing to our

Each year, Congress has the opportunity to make critical investments in the needs of young farmers and farmers of color through the appropriations process. After two years of the Coronavirus pandemic, with inflation rates soaring and a myriad of global

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