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Emily Oakley and Mike Appel, OK

We are Emily Oakley and Mike Appel, and we own and operate Three Springs Farm, a diversified, certified-organic vegetable farm in northeastern Oklahoma.  We cultivate over fifty different crops on six acres of land.  Farming is our full-time job; we don’t have any off-farm income.  About half of our crop land is sown in annuals […]

Cara Fraver and Luke Deikis, NY

By Cara Fraver Quincy Farm is still in its first days, but we have been working on the plan for years.  Luke Deikis, my partner, and I will cultivate organically grown vegetables on abeautiful 48 acre farm on the Hudson River in upstate New York.  We plan to sell CSA shares as the years progress, […]

Dana Gentile, NY

Interview with young farmer Dana Gentile, by Devin Dinihanian Let’s start with the H’s and W’s. Can you tell me who you are, what and where you farm, how long you’ve been farming, and lastly, why you’ve chosen to be a farmer? My name is Dana Gentile and I am a meat goat farmer. My partner Abbi and […]

Climate Change, Water and Land Access Challenges in Northern California

My name is Scott Chang-Fleeman and I live and farm in Northern California. My business, Shao Shan Farm is a five-acre certified organic farm specializing in Asian vegetables. We sell our products at farmers markets, through vegetable boxes, and to chefs and grocery stores throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. This year, I am scaling […]

Land access challenges cause Texas farming couple to rebuild their farm three times

Ara and Jim Holmes operate , a successful 62-member community supported agriculture (CSA) program, but they didn’t grow up raising vegetables or other food for their community. Ara and Jim both started farming while working full-time as a safety and health professional and registered nurse. Things changed for them when they saw the potential in […]

USDA Program Reform Needed for Equitable Farmland Access

As the daughter of Hmong refugees who have farmed in Minnesota since the early 1980s, my lived experience is grounded in the struggle for anti-racism, justice, equity, and inclusion. When I was younger and more naive, I believed that attaining higher education would allow me to participate equally in the American Dream. I thought education […]









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