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Latest from Young Farmers

November 10th, 2021 Updates

We hope this time of transition is going well for you. As we wrap up our amazing fellowship program in 2021, here are some opportunities that we hope you can check out and share with your community!

2022 CA Young Farmer Political Leadership Fellowship

Young Farmers invites you to apply to the 2nd Annual California Political Leadership Fellowship 2022, a year-long intensive program with a $7,500 stipend included. The deadline to apply is December 3rd, 2021. 

Learn more, share it, and apply today!

Here’s what alumni are saying about the fellowship: 

“I’ve become more comfortable in policy spaces or in conversations about organizing. The fellowship has given me the platform from which to launch ideas and speak to others in my community about necessary changes. This is all growth from even 10 months ago.”  – Vero

“My heart is still feeling so full after the weekend, as well as sad to not have the fellowship formally in my life anymore. I really hope that we all stay connected with each other.” – Kaitlin

“I appreciate the facilitators as they are always present to support us if any questions or doubts arise and every meeting feels very intentional. I have learned so much from all the guest speakers but my biggest takeaway is the feeling of being connected to an international web of food and medicine growers and land stewards. I feel this space has fueled my passion to continue being a leader in my community and continue the fight for food justice.” -Nancy

“The warm tone is the first thing that pops out for me…The tone was set early on and allowed me to lean into the fellowship with curiosity rather than dread out a commitment to fulfill. The collaborative learning piece was important with peer learning, and our ability to amplify our organizing landscape with the political education series. I also appreciated the ongoing support from Eli and Abel.”  – Dorian

Young Farmers talk with the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) | 10:30-12:00pm PT on November 19th

1.5 hour session with CDFA reps including Carmen Carrasco (Small Farm Liaison, Farmer Equity Program) and Thea Rittenhouse (Farmer Equity Advisor) to learn more about CDFA grant opportunities created to serve BIPOC and “socially disadvantaged” farmers. There will be time for  questions and giving feedback to how these funding sources or new sources can further support projects like yours! Register here by November 17th, 2021!

Join the Young Farmers’ Federal Policy Committee

The National Young Farmers Coalition seeks self-nominations for 8 positions on their Federal Policy Committee. This is a 2-year commitment that will compensate farmers $1,500 annually for their time and assistance in implementing our Federal Policy Priorities. Nominations are open until November 28th. Apply here!


Survey and raffle put out by the California Alliance for Family Farmers (CAFF) – We invite you to fill out the CAFF survey here to influence future policy work – you will be automatically entered to win brand new Patagonia gear and clothes! You can complete the survey here in English, Mandarin, and Español.


Check out the links for more information and share it with others who might be interested!


Zero Foodprint (ZFP)

  • Grant Info Session for Farmers and Ranchers (for all programs), November 22nd, 1pm PT. Attendance is highly encouraged as they will discuss grant review process and applications that were selected in the past, followed by a Q&A session. Register here by November 19th!
  • Compost Connector: Support for farmers and ranchers who wish to apply compost or have compost receipts, purchase bulk orders of compost (or secure rebate), ensure that the compost is made available (or rebated) free of charge, per new State Senate Bill 1383 requirements. Farmers can enter their project requests now at:
  • Restore CA Grant Program:  Restore CA exists to help scale carbon farming practices by providing grantees up to $25,000 to implement their projects. This can include a collective of projects that apply together. More information on eligibility and how to get started is available at ­­

Decolonizing Wealth Fund

Liberated Capital is collaborative fund redistributing $1 million to Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) -led efforts for food and land justice and sovereignty in the United States. Learn more about eligibility and application here.
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