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Latest from Young Farmers

Young Farmers Joins the Young Farmers G20 Summit

As young farmer organizations, we want to take the opportunity of the G20 to share with Ministers and Secretaries of Agriculture our needs, concerns, and potential suggestions to improve the livelihood of rural communities. We need to act in order to ensure the competitiveness of young farmers across the world and effective generational renewal policies, especially in such a difficult moment, when the international community is recovering from the covid-19 pandemic.

We have been meeting over the last months to debate the most urgent issues concerning our life in rural areas and we have jointly approved this final statement that we hope you will take into account during the Youth 20 Summit. Coherently with the 10 Elements of Agroecology developed by FAO (diversity, co-creation and sharing of knowledge, synergies, efficiency, recycling, resilience, human and social values, culture and food traditions, responsible governance, circular and solidarity economy), this document intends to encourage and guide governments toward sustainable and responsible agriculture.

Young Farmers is excited to work with and in solidarity with our international counterparts to create a more just and bright food system for young farmers domestically and around the globe.

The undersigned organizations: