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Latest from Young Farmers

Statement on the Capitol Riots

The National Young Farmers Coalition is an organization dedicated to building a brighter, more just future for young farmers and ranchers in this country through organizing and structural change. At the heart of our mission is the belief that this brighter future is achievable through active participation in the democratic process. The violent, unlawful actions taken by rioters at the Capitol yesterday threaten the very system that our coalition, and the American people, rely on to achieve and uphold sovereignty and equality. The difference in preparedness and response of law enforcement for yesterday’s events as compared to this summer’s Black Lives Matter protests was yet another chilling reminder of how deeply this systemic change is needed.

“The National Young Farmers Coalition condemns the terrorist actions which disrespected our democracy and disrupted the peaceful transition of power,” said Martin Lemos, co-executive director of the National Young Farmers Coalition. “We cannot allow instigators and their followers to mistake the essential right to political protest with the privilege to impose their violence and buffoonery. We are relieved that yesterday ultimately witnessed Congress upholding the results of our fair and just elections. What remains is for us to reinforce our democratic values by imposing the necessary and legal consequences on those who incited violence and sought to damage our democracy at our nation’s Capitol.”

“Our coalition condemns the violent actions of the rioters at our nation’s Capitol yesterday and the baseless claims of election fraud by President Trump that incited these protests. These insurrectionists sought to disrupt a peaceful transition of power which should result from a fair and just election process. Their actions were a violation and a disgrace,” said Sophie Ackoff, co-executive director of the National Young Farmers Coalition. “We are thankful that our D.C. staff and partners are safe, and we remain committed to working with the new congress and administration to uphold the ideals of a brighter and more just future for agriculture in the U.S.”









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