Facing Disaster, Head-On

Hurricane Florence has caused an estimated $1 billion in damages to farms in the Carolinas, and the destruction continues. Lindsey interviews Davon Goodwin, a North Carolina farmer and manager of the Sandhills AGInnovation Center, to find out what it looks like on the ground, how farmers are trying to recover from the losses, and what can be done to build resilience to natural disasters in the future.

AND, the farm bill expires September 30th. Ryan McCrimmon of Politico’s Morning Agriculture gives us the rundown on what to expect by, and after, the deadline.

Take action, text “FARM BILL” to 40649.

Politico Morning Agriculture

Sandhills AGInnovation Center

USDA Disaster Assistance Programs

Crop Insurance for young farmers


Davon Goodwin by Rush Jagoe for Modern Farmer Magazine


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