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VIDEO: Don't farm alone… Start a crop mob!

building the movement - crop mobs - image 2We believe cooperation beats competition, any day. From barn raisings to crop mobs, having each other’s back is the basis of a strong farming community.

Leslie Touzeau of the Missouri Young Farmers Coalition says it best, “Farming is hard…if we’re going to be successful, we have to learn to work together. “

WATCH our short film with Leslie on Crop Mobs and learn how to build the movement in your region.

building the movement - crop mobs - image

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For the last three years, young farmers in mid-Missouri have come together monthly for potlucks, crop mobs, and farm tours. Before forming the Missouri Young Farmers Coalition, many felt isolated as young, sustainable farmers in a state full of larger growers. By working together, they feel their operations (and mental health!) have greatly improved.

Check out our film for inspiration to organize in your region!

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