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Upcoming Farm Law Webinar: Adding Value to Farm Products

Farm Commons  - weeding farm employeeThe latest Farm Law Webinar is coming up for beginning farmers (and experienced farmers alike!) interested in learning more about how the law impacts their farm. Farm Commons is an organization dedicated to providing proactive legal services for sustainable agriculture, and we’re thrilled to help promote this webinar project.

The next one is next Monday (March 17th) at 6 PM Central. Check it out:

Farm Law Webinar #7: Adding Value to Farm Products

Although starting a processing operation, improving packaging, and developing new products are great ways to make the farm more profitable, these activities have a huge impact on legal parameters. Employment laws, liability potential, state/federal regulations, and tax factors all change when a farm begins to process product. Farms relying on cottage food laws should make sure to attend- we’ll talk about what these laws do not do to protect farms.

Monday, March 17, 2014 at 6pm CDT
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