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Farm Commons Law Webinar Coming Up – Developing a Good Buyer Relationship

Farm Commons  - weeding farm employeeThe latest Farm Law Webinar is coming up for beginning farmers (and experienced farmers alike!) interested in learning more about how the law impacts their farm. Farm Commons is an organization dedicated to providing proactive legal services for sustainable agriculture, and we’re thrilled to help promote this webinar project.

The next one is next Monday (February 10th) at 6 PM Central.  Check it out:

Now that hospitals, food service operations, and grocery stores have caught on to the merits of local food, farmers are learning how to work with these operations. A good relationship between buyer and seller is key to making these sales worthwhile. The right sales agreement can help keep everyone happy, so we’ll talk about what issues to discuss and how to memorialize decisions.

We’ll cover things farmers should watch for in contracts they receive rather than write. Sometimes things go wrong, so we’ll also learn about options to protect the farm if that happens.

Most farms have informal purchasing relationships and are not interested in elaborate contracts. We recognize that reality and help farmers identify practical steps to implement now.

Register at

Monday, February 10 at 6pm Central

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