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Food Safety News Spotlight NYFC Campaign

Check out the latest food safety news, featuring the National Young Farmers Coalition!

Farmer with fresh lettuce
Photo courtesy of USDA.

NYFC has teamed up with the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition and a diverse network of other farming organizations to take on the proposed FDA food safety rules and to challenge the way they will impact sustainable, small-scale and beginning farmers.

The campaign got a boost this weekend with a great Associated Press article taking a closer look at how the rules will affect farms like those in the NYFC community

While every farm needs an air-tight focus on safety, concerns center on areas where a one-size-fits-all mentality to the rules will have an unnecessary impact on smaller farms.  This includes the possibility of weekly water tests for irrigation sources, forbidding rotating animals onto land also used for vegetable production (such as rotating chickens in to spent fields to clean up leftover veggies and to spread fertilizer) and farms sourcing in other local produce to bolster their CSA shares.

Check out the article and then get involved!

NYFC is working with farmer members around the country to organize dozens of comment-writing parties regarding the draft regulations.  The FDA is accepting comments until November 15th, so the more members of the farming community that speak up, the better!  Head over to the NYFC action page to learn more, to search for a party near you or to sign up to host one!