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Upcoming Food Justice Certified Training in NY

Farmers and businesses in the northeast:Food Justice Certified logo

The Agricultural Justice Project is hosting a Food Justice Certified training in upstate NY from October 30th to November 1st.  See below for more information.

The Food Justice Certified label was created to unite a standard for farms, processors, and retailers. The goal is to take a holistic view of working conditions for employees, business practices and fair pay for farmers.

The label is managed by the Agricultural Justice Project, which brought together farmers, farmworkers, retail workers and consumers to analyze the social justice element to agricultural work and to codify certain standards. These standards include:

  • Workers’ rights to freedom of association and collective bargaining
  • Fair wages and benefits for workers
  • Fair and equitable contracts for farmers and buyers
  • Fair pricing for farmers
  • Clear conflict resolution policies for farmers or food business owners/managers and workers
  • The rights of indigenous peoples
  • Workplace health and safety

The label is only just taking off, but it’s a great place for the beginning or sustainable farmer to jump in and take part in a growing movement!

AJP FJC event pic