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Latest from Young Farmers

Farmers & Consumers join together to support healthy water resources

NYFC - farmer pledge_CoRiver and westernwaterLast month NYFC launched the Colorado River & Western Water Pledge, an opportunity for farmers and consumers to join together to help ensure healthy water resources now and into the future.

It is no question that we face significant threats to our fresh water in the west. Dwindling surface water supply matched with increasing demand, groundwater depletion and extended drought are making us ask the question: Is this the new normal?

Historically, the  response to short water supplies has been to fight with each other. But the truth is that we are all in the same boat.

The Colorado River & Western Water Pledge is our opportunity to show the world we’re ready to do things differently. Whether we live in a city or rural community; whether we grow the food or eat it; and whether we live in the west or rely on meat and produce grown here, it matters to all of us to see our precious water resources protected. Sign the pledge today at

Together, we can make a change. As farmers, we can work to build healthy, moisture-retaining soils, implement efficient irrigation technology and management, and advocate for policy that rewards us for conservation. As consumers, we can buy from local farmers, install efficient technology at home, turn off the tap and encourage our friends and families to do the same.

Now is the time to stand up for the water on which we all depend. Sign the Pledge today and SHARE with your friends!

A HUGE thanks to the farmers of Cycle Farm in Spearfish, SD–Jeremy Smith & Trish Jenkins–for creating the beautiful wood-block print for this campaign. Click here to learn more about Cycle Farm.









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