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Latest from Young Farmers

Introducing Truck Farm Omaha – an edible education project

While traveling across the country for their documentary film about urban agriculture, Growing Cities, Dan and Andrew came across Truck Farms from Portland, OR to Washington, D.C.  From the first sight, they knew they wanted to start a Truck Farm in their hometown of Omaha, NE.  

Truck Farm Omaha logoTruck Farm Omaha is an edible education project focused on teaching area youth how-to grow food in the city and to recognize the environmental, social, and health benefits involved in urban farming. Currently, TFO is the only education program offering food and sustainable agriculture education for youth in the area.

With some local funding including the Mayor of Omaha, Jim Suttle, Dan and Andrew were able to bring Chelsea into the project to purchase and plant Truck Farm Omaha. Watch a video of the initial construction here.

Truck Farm Omaha taps into the potential of urban youth by engaging them in growing food and paving the way for a new generation of healthy eaters, educated consumers and sustainable farmers.  The project impact students by bringing the mobile mini-farm directly into the classroom. TFO makes food production more accessible to inner-city youth and introduces them to sustainable farming, healthy foods, and plant science in a fun and hands-on way.

Kids learning with Truck Farm OmahaBy showing youth that caring for and consuming fruits and vegetables is not only healthy, but also delicious and enjoyable, the team hopes to address the childhood health epidemic at its source. Older students are at an age when they understand choice.  They may be able to walk home from school alone and stop at the convenient store for a candy bar.  TFO wants them to feel empowered to make healthier food choices and incorporate these choices into a healthy lifestyle.  The group’s long-term goal is to be a part of developing a healthier, happier and more sustainable future for our community.  *  Facebook: Truck Farm Omaha  * @truckfarmomaha









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