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Latest from Young Farmers

Announcing the Start of the 2013 Bootstrap Blog







We are thrilled to announce the start to the 2013 Bootstrap blogging season!

This year, the Bootstrap blog – entering its third year – will focus entirely on up-and-coming dairy farmers.  Some are newly transitioned from apprenticeships on other farms and excited to be building their own operations and others grew up living and breathing the family farm and are now moving into leadership roles.   The Bootstrap blog is designed to bring the reader through a beginning farmer’s season on the farm – through the ups and downs, lofty dreams and sometimes-harsh reality.

Given the capital-intensive nature of dairy farming, the goal of the blog this year is to look at what it takes to successfully start up and run a dairy farm in America today.   This series is being supported by the generous support of Stonyfield Farm, Profits for the Planet, the non-profit wing of Stonyfield Farm.

Hailing from across the country, this year’s five Bootstrap writers are:

Ashlee Kleinhammer, of North Country Creamery in Keeseville, NY

Laura Ginsburg, of The Golden Yoke in St. Ignatius, MT

Abbie Corse, of Corse Farm Dairy, in Windham County, VT

Laura Sluder, of Blue Sage Farm in Lincoln County, ID

Sarah Lyons Chase, of Chaseholm Farm in Pine Plains, NY


The blog series will begin next week with an introduction from each of these amazing dairy farmers.  Articles will then be posted at the end of every month, each with a particular focus:

MAY: “Why I’m a dairy farmer” 
JUNE: Animals and Breeds
JULY: Equipment and Capital
AUGUST: Training
SEPTEMBER: Pasture Management
OCTOBER: Marketing and Sales
NOVEMBER: Policy and Regulations 
DECEMBER: Year in Review

We are excited for a great year with these fantastic farmers!











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