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Update on pro-farmer Tester amendments – it's not too late to take action!

First, a gigantic thank you to those who made calls and signed the petition supporting the Tester amendments this week!

Funny cow, photo courtesy of Martouf
photo courtesy of Martouf

As a quick refresher, the two amendments are to remove two hideous riders to the Senate Continuing Resolution bill (in layman’s terms, they are mini-bills tacked on to the 6-month budget proposal that the Senate is producing).  The first rider would strip away the protections that ranchers receive from the GIPSA act, which stops large packinghouse purchasers from forcing unfair contracts on ranches.  The second undermines the courts when they temporarily halt the sale of a potentially dangerous genetically modified crop by letting the USDA continue to planting of that crop.  This not only endangers farmers and consumers who aren’t then protected, but it actually undercuts the legal system of the entire country!  You can read more about the two riders on the NYFC action page here or on yesterday’s blog post.

We initially reported that the vote was to be yesterday afternoon, but because of the onslaught of messages they got yesterday – emails, phone calls, and webforms – the Senate decided to push off the vote until early next week.  What that means is, we are being heard!

It also means that we’ve got more time to press them to stand up against the riders.  Please give a call or send an email today or this weekend – let your Senator know that they need to support the Tester amendments!  (And for Montana residents, please get in touch with Senator Tester’s office and thank him for his support!).

Two ways to take action: NYFC Action Page, or information on calling your Senators’ office.









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