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Upcoming Community Initiatives in Sustainable Agriculture Conference

CISA Farmer with LettuceThe Community Initiatives in Sustainable Agriculture Conference (CISA) will take place April 5-7, 2013 at Lawrence University and Riverview Gardens in Appleton, WI.  The mission is to provide the necessary community, resources, and experience to establish and support new farmers.  The conference will be a venue for young people to engage in conversations and educational activities, featuring farmer panels, workshops, open space discussions, local food dinner and dance, and more!

For more information and to register, go to the conference web site. NYFC is not affiliated with CISA or the conference, but is devoted to helping the beginning sustainable ag farmer community develop!

Here is a bit more on the CISA mission:

Over the past two years we have organized the Student Initiatives in Sustainable Agriculture (SISA) Conference, and we have noticed a trend:  the very same young people who spend countless hours devoted to student farms and gardens while attending school do not go on to farm after graduation.  Many pursue non-agricultural careers or take on agricultural support roles as opposed to becoming producers.  We are developing CISA to bridge this gap. The conference will build confidence in sustainable agriculture as a viable and worthwhile pursuit.