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Food and Water Watch Issues New Report on Hydro-Fracking

Farmers in many states recently have had to consider the effects that hydro-fracking, a new form of natural gas extraction, will have on their land, lives, and businesses.  Contention around the technique stems from concerns of environmental contamination, amongst other dangers.  It is an issue that affects – for good or for worse – all Americans, but we as farmers should especially pay close attention, since the way the land is treated has direct consequences on our livelihoods.

Food and Water Watch Fracking ReportFood and Water Watch, a NYFC ally organization, recently published a new report entitled “US Energy Insecurity: Why Fracking for Oil and Natural Gas is a False Solution.”  The report examines some of the statements behind claims about fracking and the long-term feasibility of this so-called “energy revolution.”

Concerned about fracking in your region?  Interested in learning more?  Read the full report here, and please leave us a comment with your thoughts!