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Latest from Young Farmers

Cast Your Vote for a Fair Farm Bill!

Yes, the presidential election is over.  But that doesn’t mean we’re done in DC for the fight for beginning farmers.  Now that your vote was counted in the political races, it’s time to cast another vote, this one for a better Farm Bill that supports beginning farmers.

NSAC Farm Bill action pic 2Sign on to the Young Farmers/National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition petition to let Congress know that you want a fair, sustainable Farm Bill today – one that:

  • Invests in healthy farms, food, and people
  • Protects the livelihoods of small-scale family farmers
  • Rewards farmers for their environmental stewardship

Congress returns to the Hill in just one week, and when they return, we want a stack of signatures sitting on their desks, all calling for a fair Farm Bill to support today’s farmers and the generation to come.

Add your name today!