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Latest from Young Farmers

Key Senate Vote Tomorrow – Take Action for Young Farmers Today

UPDATE: This vote is delayed; stay tuned for updates — and please take action and help us get the word out today!

On Friday, the Senate Agriculture Committee released a draft Farm Bill that overlooked us: the next generation of American farmers and the citizens that have got their backs.  

We have one day – today – to fix the committee’s draft bill and win support for amendments that are critical for beginning farmers. 


Here are the amendments that we’re asking the Senate to support:

Family Farms First and Training for Beginning Farmers.Senators Brown (D-OH) and Nelson (D-NE) – This amendment will direct crop subsidies to the farmers who need them most by capping the income for those eligible to receive them – and use the savings to fund beginning farmer training and a beginning farmer matched savings account program.

Affordable Land for Farmers, Forever. Senator Leahy (D-VT) – This amendment will encourage land trusts to enter into new agreements that will make farms permanently affordable for full-time growers.

Non-GMO Plant and Animal Breeding. Senator Gillibrand (D-NY)– This amendment will require that 5 percent of total Agriculture and Food Research Initiative funding be used for non-GMO, public plant and animal breeding research.

Crop Insurance for Organics.  Senator Casey (D-PA) – This amendment will improve crop insurance for organic farmers by removing the unjustified premium surcharge for organic farms and directing the Risk Management Agency to develop organic price elections. 

The Senate Agriculture Committee votes tomorrow, so there is no time to waste.  Tell your senators that these amendments must be included before this bill moves forward: