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Latest from Young Farmers

Make a call to protest conservation cuts today!

It’a a National Day of Action to protest cuts made to farm conservation and education programs by the House of Representatives!

Call your Senator today to tell him/her that these programs are critical for young and beginning farmers.

What kind of cuts are we talking about?

-$1 billion from USDA conservation programs, on top of the $500 million that was cut in May. These programs include:

*Conservation Stewardship Program ($171 million)

*Environmental Quality Incentives Program ($350 million)

*Wetlands Reserve Program (less 64,200 acres)

*Grasslands Reserve Program (less 96,000 acres)

*Farm and Ranch Lands Protection Program ($50 million)

*Wildlife Habitat Incentives Progarm ($35 million)

*Natural Resources Conservation Service Budget ($128 million).

-Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education would be cut by $47 million

-The end of the USDA’s popular “Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food” program.

-$685 million from the Women, Infant and Children feeding program, which is estimated to remove 200,000 women and children from the program in 2012

Your call makes a difference! Take 5 minutes to remind Congress that the next generation of farmers is counting on them.

Make a call here.