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Latest from Young Farmers

Young Farmer News 5.2.11

Organic Soil Webinar: Missouri Beginning Farmers Program TONIGHT! 7:00 to 8:30 pm.  Joel Gruver of Western Illinois University will be giving a powerpoint presentation titled “Getting Started in Organic Farming- Soil Basics.”  This is one part in a three part series, with the subsequent two Mondays serving as question and answer sessions regarding soil basics.

Ithaca’s Groundswell Center for Food and Farming to offer Summer Course, Summer Practicum in Sustainable Farming and Local Food Systems, for College Students The course will run eight weeks, from June 1st to July 25th, and is designed for students of all fields who have an interest in “sustainable agriculture, local food systems and food justice issues.”  The class will be held three full days a week and will mix classroom learning, including reading, discussions and several guest speakers, with hands-on, field experiences at area farms, food businesses and other various community organizations.  This is a 6-credit course. Refer to website for further course details.

Virginia Beginning Farmer and Rancher Coalition Project The Coalition has put out a survey regarding what further resources beginning Virginia farmers might find useful in establishing farms.  The survey also includes questions about opportunities for learning and education and how such resources and opportunities could be most accessible.