Introducing Caitlin and Jason of Sobremesa in Fairfield, VT

Sobremesa 1We’re excited to publish a new Farmer Profile of an inspiring beginning farmer every few weeks on the NYFC blog to help showcase the breadth and vision of the next generation of agricultural leaders.

Sobremesa begins this season under the stewardship of husband and wife team, Jason and Caitlin Rodriguez, on land at Stony Pond Farm in Fairfield, Vermont. We will grow vegetables and herbs on one-twelfth of an acre and tomatoes and hot peppers in a hoophouse. Each crop can be preserved into a marketable product such as fermented vegetables, dried herbs and canned goods.


Introducing Courtney Leeds of Schoolyard Farms in Milwaukie, OR

We’re excited to publish a new Farmer Profile of an inspiring beginning farmer every few weeks on the NYFC blog to help showcase the breadth and vision of the next generation of agricultural leaders.

Schoolyard Farms - teaching about fish

Teaching the kids how to fish-in transplants

I’m Courtney Leeds, cofounder & director of Schoolyard Farms, a one acre urban farm in the schoolyard of Candy Lane Elementary in Milwaukie, OR.


Farmer Profile: Introducing Rock Paper Scissors Goat Dairy of Cummington, MA

Rock Paper Scissors Goat Dairy pic 3Partners Angie Arahood and Lee Lewis are launching Rock Paper Scissors Goat Dairy, a goat micro­dairy selling Certified Grade A raw milk in Cummington, MA. 


Introducing Hewitt Farms of Le Sueuer, MN

Hewitt Farm pic 2Mark and Sara Hewitt of Cleveland, MN are part owners and operators of Hewitt Farms out of Le Sueur, MN, in southern Minnesota.  On the farm they raise cash crops like corn, soybeans, and last year tried winter wheat as a cover crop for the first time.  


Introducing Withywindle Farm in West Wareham, MA

Withywindle Farm - chickenWithywindle Farm is a tiny micro-farm in West Wareham, Massachusetts – a little place full of magic and whimsy and goats and chickens and veggies and a pair of farmers who want more out of life than what commercials offer us as the “American Dream.”


Introducing Good Life Farm, from Interlaken, New York

Good Life Farm - working with horsesGood Life Farm is perched on a hill on the west side of Lake Cayuga. On a chilly fall evening, I watched Melissa Madden instruct an employee on the art of driving two draft horses towards the turkey pasture. The last rays of the day’s sunlight illuminate the land, and it’s easy to see why Melissa and her husband, Garrett Miller, chose this life.  


Introducing Sawkill Farm of Redhook, NY

Sawkill Farm - approaching the barnMichael Robertson started Sawkill Farm in the fall of 2010 in Upper Red Hook, NY. Named for the Saw Mill Creek that runs through the property, Sawkill Farm is situated on 65 acres of land protected by a conservation easement.


Introducing Rough Draft Farmstead in Gamaliel, KY

Rough Draft Homestead pic 2Jesse Frost and Hannah Crabtree met as farm interns on Bugtussle Farm, a biodynamic family farm located in Gamaliel, Kentucky.  Like many young farmers immersed in the modern farming movement, neither come from an agricultural background, nor have they inherited family land on which to cultivate their dreams.  Theirs is a story echoed across the country as individuals question the practices of industrial agriculture and develop an interest in keeping local food local; feeding a community that, in turn, supports the farm. 


Notes from Plowbreak Farm in Hector, NY

Plowbreak farm bio picWalking into the field in Hector, New York, I find two farmers cheerfully harvesting basil and hot peppers. Meet Aaron Munzer and Kara Cusolito, founders of Plowbreak Farm

Plowbreak Farm began in 2012 when Aaron and Kara leased three acres of loamy soil in the agriculturally rich Finger Lakes region. Their farming philosophy is simple: they grow good food because they like doing it, and they want to bring good food to other people. 2013 is only their second season in Hector, but they’ve already built a 50-member vegetable CSA. As we harvest green beans, Aaron decides that it’s time to pull the plants up by their roots and strip them of their fruit. “This is my favorite way to pick beans. We’re like individual green bean picking machines!” he laughs.


Introducing Sparkplug Farm of Vinalhaven Island, ME

Sara John Vinalhaven Sparkplug Farm

Farmers John Wright and Sara Hodges
Courtesy of Sparkplug Farm

Sparkplug Farm is a 30-acre diversified vegetable farm on Vinalhaven Island, located off the coast of Maine. Farmers Sara Hodges and John Wright began the farm in 2012 after earning Bachelors degrees from Warren Wilson College and apprenticing through the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA). John and Sara currently hold a five year lease on 30 acres with 5 acres currently in production. They follow organic practices, but are not certified as such.