Why Young?

NYFC is focused on supporting America’s next generation of sustainable farmers and ranchers. We use “young farmers” to include all people who are kicking off a career in agriculture, typically in their first 10 years of growing. That includes anyone from a first-year farm apprentice to someone pursuing a mid-life career change to agriculture.  America can use as many new farmers as we can get!

NYFC advisory board 2012We use the term “young” to grab the attention of our policy makers. When young people band together to fight for policies that support them, Washington responds.  Many of the most successful social movements in history were in part driven by young people, and the food movement is no exception. Some of our affiliate groups prefer “beginning” over “young,” but we see the two as nearly synonymous; whether you’re actually young or young at heart, NYFC is right for you!

As a diverse and dynamic coalition, NYFC is composed not only of young farmers, but also of established farmers, farm service providers, good food advocates, and conscious consumers. Everyone has a stake in the future of agriculture in this country, and we’re excited for you to join us in tackling the barriers beginning farmers face in establishing their farm businesses.