Updates on Farm Hack Project

Some news on the Farm Hack project– where we’re at and where we’re going:

Events on the way

The event as RISD is just weeks away, and big plans are underway for the event at Intervale/Essex Farm.  More events are in the idea stages and we welcome suggestions for locations, new alliances, and topics.  

Looking ahead to our Wiki-based interactive tool library

There was great momentum coming out of our New Hampshire event to improve the Farm Hack site and to include a comprehensive Wiki-based repository of tools + ideas.  Volunteer programmer / developer R.J. has been hard at work developing a structure that can make Farm Hack into a collaborative site that allows for farmers and allies to develop new projects together, and document them solidly.  We will need funding to get these new plans off the ground, so spread the word and rack your brain for ideas on that one.  

Contributing to the current site

Until our interactive Wiki site is fully implemented, we are relying on our blog and our Forum to keep the information flowing, and we welcome your involvement to make that happen.  Right now Farm Hack is a totally volunteer-fueled project with no dedicated funding.  The blog posts, events, and web site building have all happened thanks to energy from motivated farmers and allies.  If you are enjoying the work of the Farm Hack community, please step up and contribute!  Document a tool you’ve built, or seen on a friend’s farm, with a write-up and photos, and submit them as a blog post.  Start a new thread in the Forum and add to other threads.  If you’re motivated to get really involved an make a commitment of several hours a week, get in touch about joining our steering committee or becoming a regular blog contributor.

Inner workings of Farm Hack plumbing. (actually radiant heat system at Katchkie Farm greenhouse)

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  1. LOL, I guess I’ve been spending a lot of time in the Katchie Farm radiant heat system ;).

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