Introducing Caitlin and Jason of Sobremesa in Fairfield, VT

We’re excited to publish a new Farmer Profile of an inspiring beginning farmer every few weeks on the NYFC blog to help showcase the breadth and vision of the next generation of agricultural leaders. Sobremesa begins this season under the stewardship of husband and wife team, Jason and Caitlin Rodriguez, on land at Stony Pond Farm in Fairfield, Vermont. We will grow vegetables and herbs on one-twelfth of an acre and tomatoes and hot peppers in a... Read More

Vermont Young Farmers Coalition Kicks off 2014 at the NOFA-VT Conference!

Heading to the NOFA-VT conference this weekend? Beginning farmers gathering at the PA Young Farmers Coalition mixer last year. Make sure to join fellow Vermont young and beginning farmers for a workshop on Sunday at 3:45pm by the National Young Farmers Coalition and leaders of the new Vermont Young Farmers Coalition (VYFC). Read More  Read More

New Data Shows the Ups and Downs of Farm to School Progress

Reprinted with the permission of the USDA. More and more farmers are looking to institutional relationships as a new marketing outlet, and we’re excited to see how beginning farmers are taking an active role in that progress.  Recently, the results of the inaugural United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Farm to School census were released – based on data primarily from 2011-2012 – which give us a good picture of growth of... Read More

GMO-labeling movement finds first win in Connecticut

Last month, Connecticut became the first state to pass a law requiring the labeling of foods containing genetically modified ingredients. Read More  Read More

UVM Releases New Guide to Help Farmers Find Financing

The University of Vermont Extension has just released a 62-page guide for farmers seeking alternative ways of raising financing for land acquisition, operations, and expansion.  Entitled The Guide to Financing the Community Supported Farm, it explores a series of different models, ranging from promissery notes to owner-financed sales to multi-year CSA’s, and much more.  It examines these different options through case studies of farmers who... Read More

NOFA Announces Journeyperson Programs for Farmers in the Northeast

  Attention beginning farmers in the Northeast: Four more state Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA) organizations have announced that they will be accepting applications for a new two-year beginning farmer support program known as the Journeyperson Program. NOFA organizations in New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire, and Connecticut are kicking these programs off, based on the already existing–and highly successful–Journeyperson... Read More

Fresh from DC via VT: New Effort to Expand Community Supported Agriculture

 The little Green Mountain State of Vermont is a real leader in the movement to connect consumers with the farmers that grow their food. There are lots of inspiring, innovative farms and projects taking root in Vermont, thanks, in part, to Vermont’s leaders’ belief in the movement. Luckily for all of us, Vermont’s rock star senators Bernie Sanders and Patrick Leahy work hard to advocate for sustainable agriculture and small farms... Read More

Inside the University of Vermont Farmer Apprentice Program

Vermont isn’t exactly shabby when it comes to nurturing agricultural opportunities and support for its farmers. And now, aspiring farmers have another avenue through which to learn the trade: The University of Vermont’s Farmer Apprentice Program. The buzz-garnering inaugural five-month program (what initially was seven months has recently been shortened) runs May 31 to November 4 and combines intensive farming with classroom work, covering the... Read More