“Growing Cities” Features Young Farmers Tackling Society’s Problems Head On

Many of you have probably heard the often-cited statistic that the average age of a farmer is more than 58 years old. The exact number varies by state – for example, in Nebraska, where I’m from, it’s closer to 56 – but overall, the numbers point to a disturbing trend: farmers are old and have only been getting older for the last 30 years. That said, in the process of filming our new documentary, Growing Cities, we’ve met so many incredible... Read More

Bootstrap @ City Grown Seattle – What I am Learning: Continual Improvement

City Grown Seattle’s first “real” year in business included a lot of learning, adapting, and improving.  As the year nears its close, I am left thinking about the things we did well and the things we can adjust and further improve in 2013. Starting up this year was a huge challenge.  It took a lot of time and mental and physical energy from all three of us running the business when everything was new and untested.  It’s... Read More

Urban Agriculture On the Rise

Interested in the potential of urban agriculture? A recent study by the Turner Environmental Law Clinic at the Emory University School of Law offers an in-depth look at urban agriculture programs in various cities around the United States, and is a great template for people hoping to expand urban farming in their area.  The study, also sponsored by Georgia Organics, is one of the most comprehensive studies of urban farming policies across the country. ... Read More