Bootstrap Dairy Farmer Video Release!

The Bootstrap Dairy Farmer Videos are finally here! In 2013, five young women chronicled their experiences of starting dairy farms on our Bootstrap Blog. In the long-awaited final installment of the series, three of the women take us to their farms in short films. Watch now and see how these women overcome icy temps, broken tractors, early mornings and a tough farm sector. Films are produced by Farm Run Media and sponsored by Stonyfield. ¬†You can... Read More

Is social media working for your farm?

Even if we may prefer the company of cows or the peace of a field to the company of others, marketing is an undeniable part of operating a successful small farm or business. The Golden Yoke in Montana uses Facebook to build a loyal base of supporters as they start out their farm business. Farm conferences around the country now regularly offer marketing and social media training specifically to help nudge the more introverted among us and to assist... Read More


By Laura Ginsburg of The Golden Yoke For marketing, like the rest of our farm venture, we are starting small with big visions for the future. We currently have a logo, a Facebook page, a domain name, and the makings of a Kickstarter campaign. We have visions of shirts, stickers, ice cream cartons, a scoop mobile, and much more. When we lived in Vermont, with our farm business idea still in its infancy, we developed the logo that would identify us.... Read More

Bootstrap @ The Golden Yoke – Pasture Management

Pasture management in Montana is not just about building fence and moving cows. First and foremost it is about irrigation. Because of our arid climate we rely heavily on irrigation water, which is dependent on mountain snow pack. Every winter farmers and ranchers in the west look to the mountains as they plan for the following year. Good snow levels correlate to a successful growing season. Poor snow levels might mean selling off some stock, planting... Read More


By Laura Ginsburg of The Golden Yoke I remember hearing a statistic once, that to be an expert at something you had to do that activity for 10,000 hours. Connie and I tried to calculate all of the hours we have stood behind or next to a cow (or under during some unfortunate events), and we still think we are each a long way off from 10,000. While we may not be experts yet, Connie and I have had enough experience to feel strongly that we are capable... Read More


By Laura Ginsburg of The Golden Yoke This past month has been a big one for decision-making at The Golden Yoke. Unlike the other Bootstrap farmers, we are not currently milking any cows, do not have any facilities, and do not have any real equipment to speak of. And having just finished grad school, we do not have much cash on hand to put into these things. The next issue we have been tackling is that I (Laura) received a Fulbright and will be gone... Read More


By Laura Ginsburg of The Golden Yoke Montana is considered a fluid milk state, which means that one of the primary goals for dairy farmers is to breed cows that produce a lot of milk without much regard for components. Across the state, the vast representation of cows are of the black and white variety, Holsteins that is. We only know of a handful of farmers that milk Jerseys or Jersey crosses, and one farmer that milks Brown Swiss. We have nothing... Read More

BOOTSTRAP @ THE GOLDEN YOKE – Follow along with our first year

By Laura Ginsburg of The Golden Yoke Laura celebrating Christmas with the cows Hi! My name is Laura Ginsburg. Connie and I are starting to build our dairy, the Golden Yoke. We are the first new dairy in Montana in over two decades. Not only will we be the first new dairy in many years, we will be the only grass-based, seasonal dairy in the state. I am currently in my last semester of graduate school at the University of Montana, where I am in the... Read More