Free Finances and Management Worksheet for New Farms

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture has put out a management and finances worksheet for organic farmers to test where they stand, entitled “Organic Farmers: Steps to Success.”  The tool first takes you through a series of questions on management skills and personal qualities needed to run the business so that you can see what needs improvement.  Under the financial side, it breaks down the details of the business’s financial... Read More

Bootstrap @ Bossy Acres – October Valentine

Karla harvesting for our last CSA share of the season On the last harvest and drop day for our community supported agriculture (CSA) program, the day felt like a quintessential Minnesota pre-winter blend of cold wind, to-the-bone chill and dark skies. But packing up those boxes and then seeing our CSA members for the end-of-season pickup, both of us felt surprisingly sunny. Read More  Read More

Bootstrap @ Bossy Acres – To Market, To Market

A few weekends ago, at Minneapolis’ always busy Mill City Farmers Market, our Bossy Acres booth was located just opposite two very established and respected growers and for about the millionth time this spring, I had to take a deep breath and trust that, somehow, everything would work out fine. Our presence at this very robust and well-known market had been months in the making, and thankfully, was made smoother by some “practice”... Read More

Bootstraps @ Bossy Acres – Introduction

A unique blend of urban and rural farming, Bossy Acres is based in Minneapolis and run by farm ninja Karla Pankow and her well-meaning partner Elizabeth Millard (who can’t quite plant a straight row yet, but I’m trying!). Read More  Read More