Farmer Profile: Introducing Rock Paper Scissors Goat Dairy of Cummington, MA

Partners Angie Arahood and Lee Lewis are launching Rock Paper Scissors Goat Dairy, a goat micro­dairy selling Certified Grade A raw milk in Cummington, MA.  Read More  Read More

“An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Farming in Massachusetts” Now Released!

Our friends at the New Entry Sustainable Farming Project in Massachusetts just published their new guide for aspiring MA farmers, entitled “An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Farming in Massachusetts.” The guide covers everything from finding land to business management to resources on developing farming infrastructure.  While the guide is intended for Massachusetts-based farmers (and many of the resources are state-specific), anyone looking... Read More

Upcoming Beginning Farmer Forum in Massachusetts

We want to spotlight some great organizing coming out of the Beginning Farmer Network of Massachusetts (BFN/Mass): Next Tuesday, November 12th, is the BFN/Mass Fall Forum, an opportunity for farmers to meet fellow farmers, farm service providers and food system advocates – in short, all those who are concerned with beginning farmers’ livelihood and success.  The forum is both a networking opportunity and a chance for the group to raise and... Read More

Welcome to our newest affiliate: Young Farmer Nights of Rhode Island + SE Mass

Photo courtesy of Meet our newest NYFC affiliate– Young Farmer Nights of Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts! Young Farmer Nights (YFN) was formed to build a community of young farmers, farm interns, and folks interested in food/farming in the southern New England area.  YFN organizes every event with an educational component, but the organization’s main goal is to create friendships that lead to real and... Read More

Young Farmer Nights Brings Together Farmers from Southeastern New England

A typical Young Farmer Nights tour.Photo courtesy of YFN web site. We are excited to welcome Young Farmer Nights of Rhode Island / Southeastern Massachusetts to our all-star directory of young and beginning farmer groups!  YFN began as informal on-farm gatherings of like-minded folks and is now beginning its fourth season this year. The idea behind the Young Farmer Nights is to build a community of young farmers, farm interns, and folks interested... Read More

New Website Database to Support Beginning Farmer Success in MA

The Beginning Farmer Network of Massachusetts (BFN/Mass), a coalition of farmers and farm service providers in MA, have officially released their new website clearinghouse for resources and information for beginning farmers in the state. The website,, is designed to allow for simple navigation through  a database of service provider-offered loan and grant programs, classes, and other services.  At the same time, the website helps... Read More

Young Farmers Offer Pasture-Raised, Happy Turkeys this Thanksgiving

Eleanor Kane and Theodore Wiegand are finishing up their successful first season on Brasen Hill Farm, a 21-acre diversified farm in Dudley, Ma, where they raise lambs, goats, chicken, pigs, ducks and most importantly this thanksgiving, 51 beautiful turkeys. Bourbon reds, Broad-Breasted Bronze, and Great Whites make up their flock, though Eleanor says next year they plan to raise 100% heritage breeds. Eleanor and Theo are ideologically committed to... Read More

Massachusetts Beginning Farmer Network Forum Next Week

NYFC is pleased to be able to spread the word about this beginning farmer network starting up in Massachusetts.  MA farmers – check it out!  Anyone in other areas not yet involved with a young/beginning farmer coalition, contact us to learn how to get one going. BFN/Mass Fall Forum- November 13th from 10:30 to 2:30 at the Charlton Public Library.  Register at     Are you a new farmer or thinking about... Read More

Massachusetts Program Provides Assistance to Beginning Farmers

Attention Massachusetts farmers!  A new program developed by the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources (MDAR) aims to assist beginning farmers get started with their businesses by helping with start-up or expansion costs.  The Matching Enterprise Grants for Agriculture Program (MEGA) provides technical and business planning assistance to support beginning farmers.  The goal of the MEGA Program is to assist farmers who hope to develop... Read More

NOFA Announces Journeyperson Programs for Farmers in the Northeast

  Attention beginning farmers in the Northeast: Four more state Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA) organizations have announced that they will be accepting applications for a new two-year beginning farmer support program known as the Journeyperson Program. NOFA organizations in New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire, and Connecticut are kicking these programs off, based on the already existing–and highly successful–Journeyperson... Read More