By Laura Sluder Farmer’s markets have been the mainstay of my marketing plan for the past 9 years. They are a great way to get a small farm up and running with some cash flow but there are downsides to farmer’s markets. For one, they are usually only open in the summer but farm expenses come all year long. Another disadvantage is that the farmer has to be the one at the market, hence the name “farmer’s market”. While this is a great selling... Read More

Announcing the Start of the 2013 Bootstrap Blog

            We are thrilled to announce the start to the 2013 Bootstrap blogging season! This year, the Bootstrap blog – entering its third year – will focus entirely on up-and-coming dairy farmers.  Some are newly transitioned from apprenticeships on other farms and excited to be building their own operations and others grew up living and breathing the family farm and are now moving into leadership roles.  ... Read More