The Power of Statewide Farming Networks

A recent report by Michigan State University’s Center for Regional Food Systems studies the growth and achievements of the Regional Food Systems Working Group (RFSWG), an organization in Iowa committed to building long-term local agriculture commerce in the state.  The group is part of Value Chain Partnerships (VCP), an Iowa-based network of food- and agriculture-related working groups.  RFSWG serves as an umbrella group for Iowans working in... Read More

Iowa Farm Poll Shows Farmers’ Perspectives on Climate Change, Other Issues

One of the most significant sources of information about farmers’ thoughts on current issues, the Iowa Farm and Rural Life Poll, has just been released.  This poll, conducted by the Iowa State University Extension Service, surveyed more than 1,000 Iowa farmers on a wide range of issues key to agriculture policies.  The poll found that nearly seven in 10 farmers believed that climate change was occurring, although within this group the farmers... Read More