Introducing Withywindle Farm in West Wareham, MA

Withywindle Farm is a tiny micro-farm in West Wareham, Massachusetts – a little place full of magic and whimsy and goats and chickens and veggies and a pair of farmers who want more out of life than what commercials offer us as the “American Dream.” Read More  Read More

Introducing Firefly Meadows of Fairfield, NE

Mike and Rita Brhel’s just over five acres might be small in size but it’s big in dreams. Firefly Meadows features a farm-fresh chicken and duck egg business, a pasture-based sheep operation, and a vegetable garden with spring, summer, and fall plantings. There are plans to add meat goats, pigeons, and an orchard. Both Mike and Rita grew up on farms – Mike on a diversified livestock and crop operation southwest of Lincoln, NE, and Rita on a... Read More