What’s food day without the farmers?

Happy Food Day! Today is the day that thousands of foodies, farmers, and farm supporters come together to celebrate healthy food, sustainable agriculture and vibrant farming communities. A letter-writing event in Portland, OR. Photo courtesy of Sofie SherBurt. We can’t think of a better way to celebrate nutritious food and growing farms than by speaking up for the beginning, local and sustainable farmers who make it possible! NYFC has reported... Read More

PRESS ADVISORY: National Day of Action to Save Local Farms

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: October 18th, 2013 PRESS ADVISORY: National Day of Action to Save Local Farms will bring together farmers, consumers to change proposed FDA food safety rules that threaten farm viability HUDSON, NY – On Sunday, October 20th farmers and consumers from across the country will take action to change the FDA’s draft food safety rules. Activists will gather at farms, schools and grange halls to educate each other on the impact... Read More

Two days until the food safety day of action! Find out how to get involved

The National Day of Action to Save Local Farms is in two days! On Wednesday, Arizona farmers gathered at the Conspiracy Co-op in Tuscon, AZ to tell the FDA how new rules will affect their operations. 64 events are being held in 28 states across the country. Farmers and farming supporters are gathering at annual mixers, informal potlucks, farmers markets and even classrooms to talk about how these regulations will impact beginning farmers and to influence... Read More

New Food Safety Resources to Help Your Action

Less than two weeks remain before the official National Day of Action on food safety! We’ve been hearing from folks all over the country, with events planned not only on October 20th, but all throughout the next month.  It’s amazing to see what the beginning farmer network is capable of!   Read More  Read More

Volunteers needed for food safety reform!

A farmer in 1939. Farming has come a long way since then – let’s make sure food safety rules adapt for the next generation of American farmers. It’s the first major change to farm food safety rules since 1938.  Things have changed a fair bit since then, don’t you think? In short, the proposed rules – initiated by the Food Safety Modernization Act – will have a significant impact on your farm. As written, you could have... Read More

Guest Post – Safety Rules Cloud Beginning Farmers’ Futures

This summer we’ve started taking a closer look at the new food safety laws that are hurtling toward us from the FDA.  (Alright, hurtling might be an exaggeration, but the November 16th deadline for comments is coming quick.)  The more we read, the more it becomes clear that FSMA (the Food Safety Modernization Act) will impact everyone and we all need to take a closer look at what’s coming.   Roland McReynolds of Carolina Farm Stewardship... Read More

FDA Extends Comment Period for Food Safety Rules

A food safety update straight from DC to you: FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg At yesterday’s Senate Agriculture Appropriations subcommittee hearing yesterday, FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg announced that the comment period for two new food safety rules – a part of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) passed two years ago – would be extended by 120 days. In response to a question on the comment period timeframe, the commissioner... Read More

Will the new food safety laws affect you?

The way we harvest: just one of the ways food safety laws will affect farming operations.Photo courtesy of Roxbury Farm. The short answer is yes.  The new rules will impact the way our food is produced – everything from how seedlings are watered in the ground to how the finished product is marketed. So from the consumer perspective, we are all going to see some changes. The real question, though, is for farmers and ranchers. Is your operation... Read More

Food Safety Rules – Coming to a farm near you!

It’s time to start talking about the new food safety bill and how it’s going to affect you.  Food safety isn’t high on anyone’s list of exciting things to spend their free time reading about, but take a few moments, because how the law gets written this year will have a long-running impact on how small farms can operate. How often are you testing your farm’s water? The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), signed into... Read More

New Campaign Urges Labeling of Genetically Modified Foods

A new campaign, Just Label It, has been launched to require that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) label foods from genetically modified organisms (GMOs).  An accompanying video, Labels Matter, was also just released to educate people about the risks of eating genetically modified foods and to encourage people to fight to know what’s in their food.   Produced through a collaboration between the Just Label It campaign and Food, Inc.... Read More

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