By Hannah Moser of Forager Farm Creating a community of food lovers has always been at the top of our to-do list. A community that is centered on food but goes beyond just the consumption, one that supports sustainable practices in not just farming, but day-to-day living. Our first year of operation hasn’t allowed for much community building. In fact, it hasn’t allowed for much beyond just surviving. We realized quickly we bit off more than we... Read More


By Laura Sluder Farmer’s markets have been the mainstay of my marketing plan for the past 9 years. They are a great way to get a small farm up and running with some cash flow but there are downsides to farmer’s markets. For one, they are usually only open in the summer but farm expenses come all year long. Another disadvantage is that the farmer has to be the one at the market, hence the name “farmer’s market”. While this is a great selling... Read More

For Farmers, Farmers Market Week Celebrations Clouded With Concern and Confusion Over Looming New Food Safety

This article was written by Stacy Miller of the Farmers Market Coalition, posted to Huffington Post. Stacy Miller, picture courtesy of the Farmers Market Coalition. The Farmers Market Coalition is working with NYFC and a number of other groups across the country to ensure the new food safety laws are the best they can be – safe for consumers, and viable for farmers.  We’re excited to bring you different viewpoints on the regulations and... Read More

Studies Show More Americans Are Purchasing Organic

Two recent studies show that the market for local and organic products is growing rapidly.  Both reports document that the local foods movement has been growing steadily for more than a decade, and farmers’ markets have been at the forefront of this growth.  Even though some of the best-known markets are in big cities like New York; Seattle; or Washington, DC; there are hundreds of farmers’ markets in the southeastern US and Appalachia, as well... Read More